Are you ready for Conficker?

If you cant get to either of those sites, you have a problem.  You have been infected with the W32/Conficker virus due to attack the internet tomorrow.

I don’t claim to have any idea what it will do, i’ve read a little – but I am not an expert.  It’s set up to go bonkers on April first.

Even if you can get to both of those sites, never ever run IE again.  Avoid using IE at all costs.  Here are some other good options:

That is in the order I would rate them.  In my opinion, IE is the single biggest security hole online.  It’s nearly criminal!

Today’s a great day to update your virus protection, head over to and get things cleared out!

Of course, if you are one of the people I have convinced you should use a Mac … you have NOTHING to worry about!  🙂

Tomorrow we weigh in

In less than 24 hours, I will “officially” step on the scale again.  I will then gather the numbers from the VeloLosers and we will know who the prologue champion is.  I’m not going to say I am going to win tomorrow, much like Cav in Milan SanRemo – I could… we will see.  It’s all based on %.  I’m right in the middle of the pack on overall weight, which is good and bad.  Bigger guys have to lose more for 1% – but bigger tends to lose a bit faster.  We will see.

We did pick up another contestant – Alex will be joining us.  He’s a newbie to cycling, but his wife has been riding a bunch and has convinced him he needs to ride a century.  He’s skipping the prologue and joining us on the first stage.  Armed with his new bike and some clipless pedals, he’s ready to go!  Now, if the eastern side of the US would get sunny, maybe we could add some velo to our losing.  As it is today – back to the gym for some eliptical action.  I did 1/2 my workout backwards yesterday.  Left my legs a bit wonky… so to get them back in phase, I walked up 20 flights of stairs… not a good idea!

Back to the grind….

The quest begins again – “Velo Losers”

You may have seen it on twitter and/or FB, not sure – but I’m back on the weight loss kick.  I do so with mixed emotions and quite honestly, some confusion and frustration.  As the 4 people that read my blog may recall, I lost a lot of weight last year.  51 pounds … if you weighed me on the right day.  I did really good from January 2nd until about June.  I then sort of faded.  I couldn’t stay as motivated and wanted to eat some more junk.  Then came July – I rode and rode and rode… setting some good standards for myself.  I felt good about it.  Flats, miles, mountains … I did it all.  August sucked.  My back went wonky on me and I couldn’t ride in august.  For a while, I maintained my weight … but not really well.  Creeaping back up.  Then came the holidays, vacation, pizza, chipotle and the rest of the things I eat.  Along the way I won the “Biggest Loser” at work, I kicked major arse… but why?  It’s almost all back.

That’s the thing.  Since I LOST so much, and AGAIN… gained a bunch back, I am like who cares.  It just seems quite inevitable.  At the same time, I know that if I want to be healthy, if I want to live past 60, if I want to do what is right and not have to deal with diabetes or some other disease.  It’s frustrating and miserable to think “I can do this… but I fall apart later”.  I really don’t want to – but I don’t know what to do.  Well, I supposed I have a few months to sort that out – as I do know if I can get going, I can lose weight, get healthy, get fast and have fun.  I had a LOT of fun competing and winning the biggest loser last year – it just miserable to win a competition of that nature and then fall apart.  Enough of that… let’s talk about the next 6 months… (give or take a few months).

I needed/wanted some motivation.  If I am in “competition” I try harder.  It’s what I do.  I talked to my boy, Naten Zeep.  I said “Nate, you and I are big men… we shouldn’t be this big.”.  We went round and round a bit and came up with a motivating competition that we have “affectionately” named “Velo Losers”.  Velo is french for bicycle, or something… Losers, well… that’s obvious.  We talked to our mutual friend, Don Walker, and he too wanted to participate.  In talking to other people, our little snowball is growing and we currently have 5 players, 1 hidden player and two people in negotiations.  I think it will be a lot of fun and it will be lucritive – at least for me as I plan on dominating the competition.  Yes – smack talk is part of the game.  I feel confident in my smack talk – win, lose or draw – I will be in final smack sprint!

So – friends – family – people that don’t like me and want to keep me around so you can pick on me – whoever… I’d love some support.  I’d love some help in 5-6 months when I’m probably 40-50 pounds less than I am now and trying to push to the big goal of weighing less than 200 pounds.  (I haven’t weight less than 200 since the early 90’s.)

To my competitors – I only want to win by .01%.  I want us all to lose the weight.  My smack is good becuase you are my friends.  If you need help not eating that donut, taco salad, burrito or something else… I’ll do my best to talk you away from the edge.  Let’s work together and make this one work!

Spokes, geese, walking and more

Today started like most any other day.  All was well, I was enjoying my day.  It was a good day.  I didn’t have to use my AK… enough of that.

Much like many other good days – I went on a lunch ride.  I left feeling “eh… so so…”.  As I rode through the park, the warm air warmed my face… I felt better and better.  I started to really roll pretty well.  I was on top of a good gear, had a good spin going – it was really cool.

I made the turn around and now had a bit of a tailwind – even better!  Wow – a great day!  That’s when it all came apart – all because of one simple 9″ long piece of metal we like to call a spoke.  *DOINK* the another spoke breaks and I am out of commission.  The wheels I am riding are very “tight” wheels, which means if they have any issues, they sort of go “bonkers”.  Mine did.  I can not ride like this as the tire hits the frame and would cause tire failure.

Now I have to walk… I figure I will head to the parking lot and look for a friendly.  What else can I do?  I’m to far to have anybody rescue me… my co-worker with a bike rack is working from home.  Off we go.  It’s about a 2 mile walk to the parking lot from here.  In retrospect, maybe I should have gone the other way, but – whatever.

About a mile later I am walking past this big grassy field.  In the field, there are four geese.  They are eating grass.  I don’t eat grass.  I don’t like geese, I don’t want to do anything to any geese.  I just want to go back to work and end this shitty ride.  That’s when Gus the big goose decided to big boy me… WTF?  He starts running at me all wide and what not.  Hissing, screaming… and fluffering like a goose does.  I am like … holy crap, are you kidding me?  I keep walking but he is coming fast.  As he gets close enough to bother me I yell at him a few times … Gus has no fear.  He is like robo-goose.  He gets closer and I take defensive action and swing my bike shoes at him.  Oh… let me tell you, if you are thinking about defending yourself against a goose attack – red and white bike shoes are NOT the right thing.  Apparently this is just short of a weapon of mass-goose-destruction or something and all of Gus’s friend decided to join in the attack.  They ran/flew at me in a goose like manner … I put my bike between the geese and me and was using it as a shield.  They are all hissing and spitting …  unbelievable.  It was like a big “A-Team” battle.  All kinds of action – but no direct hits.  I never hit a goose.  No geese touched me but if it was on video – I would win America’s funniest home video – I am sure.

Well, geese dont fight for long … but I think I heard Gus say “I’ll be back!”

I did finally get back to work.  Not a great lunch ride.  Not a great day so far…

I think I’m going to have GOOSE for dinner!

101 fun loving laps

So tonight started the 2009 track season for me. I’d love to tell you all about my great fitness – my superbe riding…. but well, I rode. I was testing out some new handlebars for Zipp and I did a lot of just riding. It was good… but I found myself kind of wanting to go back to Colorado Springs for a session or two. Ride with my old friends and teammates, enjoy a post ride pizza at Il’vicinos, enjoy a good case of track hack… enjoy a smooth track for a bit. Now, I’ve thought through it hundreds of times and know that even if I were back in CO… it wouldn’t be “the same”. It wouldn’t be better, worse … just different. I’ve come a long way in adjusting to the ATL and it’s alright here… but I have no crew. In COS, I had a crew… I still keep in touch with many of them online – which is awesome. I am thankful for email, facebook, twitter and whatever as it makes it super easy but some how without a homemade rootbeer and a Campagnola it’s not the same.

I’d give a few people a shout out – but you know who you are! Now I have 2 weeks to get in shape for the season – better get crackin!