Five years ago….

Five years ago, on this day, a nervous guy stood outside of the Old Chicago resturaunt on Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs.  Nervous.  Pacing.  The anticipation building…

You see, this guy was sick of and went to cancel his account.  He logged in to end the cycle that was “”, but somebody had “winked” at him.  Whoa… that’s cool, let’s look at the profile!  She’s was a little bit below the “age limit”, but she had a wonderful smile.  Eh… why cancel today?  Wink back…

One thing led to another and an seemlessly trivial wink/login turned into another first date.  Little did this fella know it would be his last first date!

Right now, I’d love to go to Old Chicago with Sarah and enjoy a buffalo chicken calzone, while we discussed random stuff and wondered “what are they thinking?”.  Unfortunately, it’s about 1700 miles away, which is about 1675 miles more than I like to travel for lunch, but the fact that it is Friday January 30th makes me think about that day.  A quick lunch, a walk over to Starbucks… a call on the way back to the office that would forever change my life!  Who knew that in 2 days we would watch the superbowl together (again at Old Chicago), who know that in less than a year we would be married?  Who knew… I sure didn’t!

Sarah, I love you!  Tomorrow we begin your training for a century.  It won’t be easy, but I know you.  If you put your mind to this, you can do it!  I will be right there with you.  Heck, by most accounts… you have a bus to “motorpace” behind!  Few team-in-training people bring their own tank to ride behind!  It’s just the start of another chapter in our lives!  It’s been a great 5 years.  The next five will be even better!

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