The Longest Day (in a long time)

Now, I’ve pulled a bunch of all nighters in my day, but at age 41 – they aren’t quite as easy as they used to be.  Friday my day started off GREAT!  I got to ride to work – which almost always starts my day off well.  This one was great – I went super fast – setting a new to-work PR.  Awesome.  We had free pizza at work – another bonus, then I got to ride home.  The ride home had issues but hey – its better than sitting in traffic.  I bonked hard, lost my mind, went slow… but it was still good.  I got home and mowed the front yard.  At that point, I was thinking – let’s take a CHILL… I went down to the pool and found my family.  About 5 minutes later, my mother-in-law called.  This is where the “extension” to my day started!

Derek was away for the week, hanging with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins… good times.  Well, turns out the Aunt he was currently with got sick.  🙁  Un-fun, but she had a stomach issue and wasn’t doing so good.  OOPS!  Gracie called and said we should go get Derek.  Off we go!  Marietta – Irmo – Marietta!  In bicycle racing, that would be a stage or something… in this – it was a lesson in sleep deprivation.

The trip there was un-eventful – which is good.  The trip home I started getting REALLY tired.  Sarah had napped a bit so she took the wheel for a little while.  In general, I’m better at pushing myself when I am tired… so but in this case, I was fading fast and at 65+ – that’s not a good thing.

Sarah drove for 30-45 minutes giving me just a little time to re-charge my battery.  We rolled back into our house at 4:10 am.  Saturday – I took a little nap, but never really got all my brain cells firing on all cylinders.  I made it – but kind of a slow day.  Today – things are better.  What a day!