Broken stuff sucks

My parents gave me a VERY NICE bike computer that I absolutely love when it works – but I’ve owned it since I turned 40 – about 15 months ago and it’s been replaced once already and is broken again.  It has some seriously cool features – but none of them are currently accessible by me.  Why you might ask? The “Mode” button is broken.  That means the only screen I can see is the GPS Accuracy mode.  It’s not a total loss… one of the things I like about it is the record feature, which will work… but looks like another trip back to Garmin.  They have a “Flat Rate Fix” policy I read about – $80 … ugh!  On top of that – I changed my cleats in my shoes last night and stripped one of the screws.  Ooops… at least it’s a front one and there are 2 big strong back ones… It’s holding and you can get a replacement T-nut – but that’s 2 things in 2 days.

Great night at the track the other night – scored a nice 2nd place in the unkown distance.  I had a bit of an issue with less than a lap to go – but hey, that’s bike racing!  Got 4th in a points race that I was ganged up on … but hey – bring on the challenge!  Makes me ride harder/stronger/faster!

Riding home tonight… maybe ride tomorrow or Sunday, but am on call and have homework to do – ewwwwwwww…..