How do YOU open a banana?

For years, I have opened bananas like I was always taught to. Grab a hold of the banana, wrestle with the stem for a bit, it will pop and then you peel and eat. Well, this system works, but you know, it does present some issues. Sometimes you have to wrestle with it a bit too much, sometimes you have to get a little violent with it. This can leave the top 1/2 of your banana almost gelatinous. Nobody likes that!

This weekend my eyes were opened! My brother-in-law, Frank, told me of a technique that is apparently quite popular in the monkey community. While monkeys do have certain hygiene issues that should not be overlooked (poo tossing, public “pleasure sessions”, etc…) when it comes to eating bananas, I think we can all agree, they are clearly the leaders in the field.

I have been opening my banana the wrong way … you should open it from the BOTTOM!  Yup, that’s right – the bottom!  If you gently squeeze the banana “buttocks”, it will pop open.  You can then just peal it right apart leaving the entire banana in its fresh, firm consistency!

I liked this so much, I had my co-worker video a quick clip for your watching pleasure.  It’s so easy … why didn’t we think of that?  I believe those 2 extra chromosomes have clouded our banana judgment.  I am glad Frank has helped to clear this up for me!