Today is Banana Day

So as you may have gathered from my status, my company is no longer called Borland – or … well, maybe it is. I don’t know. Borland – was purchased by Micro Focus today. Odd… an old C++/Turbo Pascal company purchased by an old Cobol company? I’m sure we will have more information on that as the days unfold. I still work at the same desk doing the same job … so that’s good (I think).

Well ANYWAY – this actually does have something to do with bananas… believe it or not. I was headed out of the office and I ran into the President of Micro Focus North America and one of his guys. I held the elevator and said “gotta make a good impression”. One of the guys said “Bring in and apple”. The other said “Maybe a banana”. With all of the energy and excitement about my new found banana pealing technique, I could not even hold back. In the 16 floors of the Platinum Towers, I told these guys about the banana technique. They were pretty excited about it as well. I then learned that eating green bananas will give you the runs… So we are up to banana story number 2 on the day…. (well, 3 … if you include the poop part!)

My boss told me about Banana Ice Cream … not so sure about that, but she and others indicated it was “to die for”.

Finally… another banana oddity… Did you know you have a banana on your tailpipe? (Folks of my generation will recognize the weak reference to the Eddie Murphy – Beverly Hills Cop movie).

I couldn’t have planned a mis-placed banana so well! I was just driving down the road and look what I found!

Look on the left side of the bumper...
Look on the left side of the bumper...

Now I’m not entirely sure what that trail down the bumper is doing to the finish of that car, but it can’t be good!

Henceforth and furthermore … July 27th will be the Day of the Banana!

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  1. im at pikes perk now and they dropped a banana on the floor and it just exploded for no explainable reason…. banana day for sure…

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