To many things at once!

So I sit here working all morning, waiting for some contractors to show up.  I have ONE conference call to attend all day – at 10:00 am.

At 9:45, the drywall guys show up and come in.  My dog, Sandy, is blind and doesn’t always notice things like she used to.  She also forgets people are here and barks at them later.  She wouldn’t hurt anybody, but she would bark!

At 10:10, I am on my conference call when one of the guys comes downstairs… Sandy gets startled and barks, he gets scared – so I do the next logical thing and put her in the backyard.  Life is good.

As the call runs to about 10:20 – I hear a truck in the front yard – it’s the roofers.  This is good, except they need to get in the backyard.  Not realizing Sandy is out there, they open the gate and she wanders her little blind self around a bit… She has a history of roaming – but not in her old age.

The roofers don’t so much speak English – so I am like “El Dogo?”   Not really… but you probably just laughed!

Anyway – I had to vent a bit… all is well!  Viva la Beeva!