Finding my form

Last night was a good night at the track.  Not my best – I think I could have done a few things better – but I was impressed with a few things.  The first was in the the “Wheel Race Qualifier” aka – five lap scratch.  I rode really smart – made a mistake – recovered from it and managed to qualify.  The thing that impressed me was the recovery from my mistake, finding a wheel and then getting lucky at the same time (Thank’s Jeff).  A guy had me beat but he backed off a bit, rolled a little out of the sprinters lane and left the door open for me to come through underneath – without breaking any rules.  I got him at the line.  It was fun.

I was impressed with my start in the Wheel, though in the wheel, it was not a good start.  Let me explain.  In a Kilo or a Chariot race the goal is to come out of the box like you are shot out of a CANON!  In a pursuit – or a 1 mile wheel race – you need to get up to speed and roll into it a bit.  Well, I was not going to let the C’s beat out the B’s and I came out of the box like a canon shot me… as Max would say – I was off like a shot!  Well, unfortunatley, I detonated after 2 laps… OOPS!  I did help the B’s catch, and one of the B’s was in the sprint to the line, so that’s good!

I made a mistake in the points race… but that happens… Next week is madison week, and in theory dad will be watching… so that’s cool.