Please do this for me! Please!

Well, not really for me, but for Track Cycling.  Please stop what the UCI and the IOC are doing to the sport I know and love.  While I don’t really fancy the individual pursuit, it is perhaps the most PURE endurance challenge in all of cycling.  I ask you – even if you don’t understand – PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!

If you are fearful of signing this because you don’t understand – Contact me!  I will gladly explain it all to you.

This means a lot to me, and a lot to many people I know.

It only takes a second.  After you sign the petition – you will be asked to donate money – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! That is something else – not required for the petition!


Future Darwin Award winner?

I was driving to work today, on a long straight road (Windy Hill).  There were no cars near me when I saw this … I had to take a picture.  I fought with the morale dilema and decided I could do it safely as there was only one MUCH larger vehicle near by.

Darwin Award Candidate
Darwin Award Candidate

I guess there were too many people in the truck cab? so he thought “I’ll just ride back here”…. doesn’t seem so safe to me!  We were doing about 50 at the point I took this picture!

Unsolicited Product Endorsement: Bounce Dryer Bar

You know, I complain about a lot of stuff – and I’m not always pointing out things I like.  Well, I have something I like… the Bounce Dryer Bar.

If you do laundry – and you use dryer sheets, you know how those stupid things show up in the strangest place.  On the floor, the bed, in your pant leg, in your bag…. they are annoying.  They work great, but they are cumbersome.

The folks at Bounce have come up with the “Dryer Bar”  (  This thing sticks in your dryer and works as well as any sheet you have ever used.  I know some people don’t like to use dryer sheets on their towels – it pops out quite easily.

Bounce gave me nothing, this is just me – now the fed won’t be probing me – but try it out, I think you will like it.

Several Updates…

The job search is going well.  I have an interview today.  As with any interview, you never really know if it’s the right job, if it’s a good fit, if you will rock the interview, if you will stutter and blunder … Just go in positive and do what you can.  I have to say thank you to all that have grabbed my resume and started networking for me.  The more people that see it, the better chances that I will find a job that will help to improve my life!  I’m quite excited about the future.

Mom commented that I have been slacking on my MaxFit updates – it is going really well.  It’s hard, but after a week, the stiffness and general soreness has faded.  You are sore and stiff, but some light stretching helps a lot.  I did mess a day, but in a short while I will go do my first workout of the day, making up for that.  Tonight I will be back on track.  I do hope they make this plan available to the public.  The short nature makes it a VERY do-able plan.

Finally, I have to share an experience I had last night.  I went to the “Street Reach” program with our church.  I helped to hand out a bunch of coats and stuff and hung out for a while afterwards.  I even had the opportunity to fix a man’s bicycle!  Well – at the “end of the evening prayer”, I was holding a man’s hand.  The guy leading the prayer said “Let us pray that people in need find the jobs they need to improve their lives”.  I felt thankful for that, but the next thing really changed my attitude.  The guy squeezed my hand and said “that’s what I need the most, I need a job”.  Suddenly my situation was not 1/10th as bad as I thought it was.  I have a home, a family, a job, a car, food, clothes… I am thankful for all that I have, today.  I hope that I can maintain the “attitude of gratitude” I used to hear about and talk about in AA and stuff.  Helping people in need if far more gratifying than helping bike racers… I can promise you that!