Maxwell – the Motivated One

Max, lately, has been a very motivated little guy.  From his insistance on taking swim lessons because he didn’t want to wear his “fwoaties” (floaties) to riding a bike.  He really is on a quest to be “big”.  Well, today we had about 2 hours between soccer and swim lessons – I was on my failing mission to find a babysitter when I decided to go see if Max would fit on Derek’s old bike.  Little did I know, Max had just asked Sarah “When do I get a two wheeler?”  Well – long story short, he’s just about big enough!

After a few hoops jumped through, we mounted up the “stick” and got everything ready.   Max seemed to be pretty comfortable on the bike.   He got nervous going too fast – but rode around and liked it a lot during the day.  Later in the day he wanted to ride again.  I was excited and took him out.  He wanted to try, not try, try, not try… finally – late in the evening – he tried again and did an incredible job!  I mean – I couldn’t believe it.  He LITERALLY rode a bicycle without training wheels, without me holding on, for at least 30 yards SEVERAL TIMES!  I have witnesses that will attest to this!  My hands were in the air (like I just didn’t care… ) but he kept going!  If the road didn’t have a crown – he would have done better, but the lean of the road threw him off a bit!

I’m in awe… He isn’t ready to go riding by himself yet, but he’s doing great!

Max and his Two Wheeler

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  1. Very very cool Mr. Max! You are getting to be a big boy. Congratulations on your first solo 2-wheel bike ride.

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