Annecdotal DNA

In order for you to truly understand how this is anecdotal evidence Maxwell possessing a large quantity of my DNA, you must first understand that I race bicycles.  They type of bicycles I race lack certain modern features that you have grown accustomed to on your bicycle.  The key features missing are multiple gears, the ability to coast and brakes.   Now – don’t get all worked up yet – it’s in a CONTROLLED environment.  We all race on a track, closed to cars, people, dogs, cats or other things.  It’s designed for bicycles – called a velodrome.  Nobody has brakes, so nobody can stop quickly.  That means you wont have somebody in front of you stopping.  The field ebs and flows as we race.  We can control the speed (and obviously stop, or I wouldn’t be typing, I’d be going around in circles) as we ride a fixed gear.  This allows us to “pedal backwards” and slow things down.

Now – after a short lesson in track racing and what not – I have to tell you about Max’s cycling.  He’s gotten better and can literally ride alone.  He can’t so much start without help, but once he is going he can steer, he can correct right and left leans… he does great.  The one skill he lacks completely – brakes.  He doesn’t understand them!  Why?  He’s been riding a fixed gear (tricycle) where he can slow down the way I describe above.

I think my wife would just about skin me alive if I converted his bike to a fixie, but I think he would like it.

Important note: While I like track racing and feel track bicycles are safe in a velodrome, I do not agree with the large segment of the messenger/hipster population that riding on the road – on a fixie – is safe, without brakes.  I do own a road fixie and love it, but it’s got 2 brakes on it!

Cracks me up – my son – on a bicycle – doesn’t know how to use brakes!