At last – a race report!

It’s been a long time since I had a race report to write, but well – I have one tonight.  A good one – if I can write tonight!

It was a cool evening in East Point – so much so that I ended up racing in knee warmers.  A good call on my part.  Anyway, lets get on with the races…

8 Lap Scratch

The first 4 laps of this race were a tactical debacle for everybody.  Not wanting to make a move to early, everybody just watched each other.  With 3.5 laps to go, I got a notion to give it a go and did just that.  I wound it up and held a good gap for 2.5 laps.  Unfortunately, it was about 1 lap short of what I needed.  A good effort – I was proud of it.


I really don’t like these – but I’m getting oddly good at them.  I guess a few years of racing – i’m finally learning?  I got a good start and went straight to the front (I always do this).  I rolled tempo for 2 laps when Pete – the most skilled M-n-O rider in the ATL rolled by me.  Okay, I’m cool with that.  We traded positions.  Did some shuffling and one by one, people were getting eliminated.  I thought we had 1 more guy in the field to be eliminated so I kept the pace high.  I was really hammering.  All of the sudden, with two teammates (not MY teammates, two fellow teammates) on my wheel, the bell rang.  I thought we still had a no-pull lap.  I knew right then, I had nothing left and they rolled by.  Later Pete commented – I got third the honorable way or something like that.  I was most proud of this effort.


I’ll just say Justin and I rode well for his first madison.  I think we even got a few points along the way.  It was a good effort!


This 20 lap pain fest started about 5 minutes after the madison – I was already pretty smoked.  The first 5 laps were *HOT*  I was the last rider in the field and I was hanging on for dear life.  I started trying to cover the attack but knew I was on the verge of implosion.  I went high and let the field (which was splintered a bit) roll through and got on the back… it was fast! A few breaks went, over and over…. finally I managed to get to the front and score a lap (2 points) before getting swarmed on the second lap – argh!   Back to suffering.

It was probably my strongest night at the track in Georgia.  It was really good to just be in the mix – all night.  Madison – not so much, but the other races I was on it like white on rice!