I could complain – but I broke the law

Before I go any further, I am going to tell you – I did something wrong.  I’m not fighting it, I just think part of this story is lame.  It’s my blog and if I want to complain, so be it!

I was a running around looking for Wendy’s.  I needed fries because the healthy alternative I got had purchased was laced with Chipotle Peppers.  Not so good for little kids.  I couldn’t find it where I thought it was so I went through Kroeger’s Powder Springs parking lot.  I came out the backside onto John Ward Road and make a left turn.  This is where I broke the law.  I did it, I admit it.

Now, I’m one to be a bit careful before I break the law and was 99% sure the cop wasn’t behind me.  NOBODY was on John Ward – NOBODY … My car turns easy – it’s no big deal.  The no left turn is there to keep COMMUTERS from circumventing traffic.  Its a clear vision intersection, but … it is ILLEGAL to turn left.  I know.  I did it.  I got caught.

Perplexed about how … i accepted my punishment and moved on.  Ironically, as I waited for my ticket, I found Wendy’s.  These are going to be some expensive fries.

As I left the Wendy’s parking lot, looking up the hill at the infamous intersection, I noticed – just across the street – a police car.  The very same police car that pulled me over!

Ladies and Gentleman – these are my tax dollars (and now ticket dollars) at work! Protecting me form all that is evil at a no-left turn sign!  The Cobb County Police had set up a ‘sting’ operation to bust up this crime epidemic.  Nevermind, on any given morning I can’t safely ride my bicycle on John Ward road because people go so fast!

I admit – I broke the law, I got caught – but I’d also like to point out I probably could have done it on April 1st – 25th and not gotten a ticket.  Why?  The TWO cops enforcing this trivial traffic sign wouldn’t be worried about their QUOTA!

Okay – I vented.  In 7 days, I will call and find out how much I owe.