Double Dip Chicken Strip

No – I didn’t double dip I just thought it sounded good.

So – today Sarah’s car needed an oil change and I need a good run.  I decided to take it and run … and then drive it home.  Well, then I got silly.  Instead of running around for a while, I headed home.  5+ miles of running at 85 degrees and about that in humidity.  Then I got home – still had to get the car – and realized – I could just ride my bike back.  Riding right after a run was not the best idea for a few reasons.  One… wow, it felt to cool, relaxing, smooth … did I mention COOL?  Next – my legs didn’t want to pedal, they wanted to walk/run.  The mechanics is so different – so odd to me.  Tri geeks have it sorted out some how – but not this dawg.

Anyway – it felt good to do something and not use a car … even if it involved a car.  It seemed like it was good use of my time.

Day 2 of running training and I’ve got almost 10 days in.  49 more days until the big show!