I could complain – but I broke the law

Before I go any further, I am going to tell you – I did something wrong.  I’m not fighting it, I just think part of this story is lame.  It’s my blog and if I want to complain, so be it!

I was a running around looking for Wendy’s.  I needed fries because the healthy alternative I got had purchased was laced with Chipotle Peppers.  Not so good for little kids.  I couldn’t find it where I thought it was so I went through Kroeger’s Powder Springs parking lot.  I came out the backside onto John Ward Road and make a left turn.  This is where I broke the law.  I did it, I admit it.

Now, I’m one to be a bit careful before I break the law and was 99% sure the cop wasn’t behind me.  NOBODY was on John Ward – NOBODY … My car turns easy – it’s no big deal.  The no left turn is there to keep COMMUTERS from circumventing traffic.  Its a clear vision intersection, but … it is ILLEGAL to turn left.  I know.  I did it.  I got caught.

Perplexed about how … i accepted my punishment and moved on.  Ironically, as I waited for my ticket, I found Wendy’s.  These are going to be some expensive fries.

As I left the Wendy’s parking lot, looking up the hill at the infamous intersection, I noticed – just across the street – a police car.  The very same police car that pulled me over!

Ladies and Gentleman – these are my tax dollars (and now ticket dollars) at work! Protecting me form all that is evil at a no-left turn sign!  The Cobb County Police had set up a ‘sting’ operation to bust up this crime epidemic.  Nevermind, on any given morning I can’t safely ride my bicycle on John Ward road because people go so fast!

I admit – I broke the law, I got caught – but I’d also like to point out I probably could have done it on April 1st – 25th and not gotten a ticket.  Why?  The TWO cops enforcing this trivial traffic sign wouldn’t be worried about their QUOTA!

Okay – I vented.  In 7 days, I will call and find out how much I owe.

At last – a race report!

It’s been a long time since I had a race report to write, but well – I have one tonight.  A good one – if I can write tonight!

It was a cool evening in East Point – so much so that I ended up racing in knee warmers.  A good call on my part.  Anyway, lets get on with the races…

8 Lap Scratch

The first 4 laps of this race were a tactical debacle for everybody.  Not wanting to make a move to early, everybody just watched each other.  With 3.5 laps to go, I got a notion to give it a go and did just that.  I wound it up and held a good gap for 2.5 laps.  Unfortunately, it was about 1 lap short of what I needed.  A good effort – I was proud of it.


I really don’t like these – but I’m getting oddly good at them.  I guess a few years of racing – i’m finally learning?  I got a good start and went straight to the front (I always do this).  I rolled tempo for 2 laps when Pete – the most skilled M-n-O rider in the ATL rolled by me.  Okay, I’m cool with that.  We traded positions.  Did some shuffling and one by one, people were getting eliminated.  I thought we had 1 more guy in the field to be eliminated so I kept the pace high.  I was really hammering.  All of the sudden, with two teammates (not MY teammates, two fellow teammates) on my wheel, the bell rang.  I thought we still had a no-pull lap.  I knew right then, I had nothing left and they rolled by.  Later Pete commented – I got third the honorable way or something like that.  I was most proud of this effort.


I’ll just say Justin and I rode well for his first madison.  I think we even got a few points along the way.  It was a good effort!


This 20 lap pain fest started about 5 minutes after the madison – I was already pretty smoked.  The first 5 laps were *HOT*  I was the last rider in the field and I was hanging on for dear life.  I started trying to cover the attack but knew I was on the verge of implosion.  I went high and let the field (which was splintered a bit) roll through and got on the back… it was fast! A few breaks went, over and over…. finally I managed to get to the front and score a lap (2 points) before getting swarmed on the second lap – argh!   Back to suffering.

It was probably my strongest night at the track in Georgia.  It was really good to just be in the mix – all night.  Madison – not so much, but the other races I was on it like white on rice!

Annecdotal DNA

In order for you to truly understand how this is anecdotal evidence Maxwell possessing a large quantity of my DNA, you must first understand that I race bicycles.  They type of bicycles I race lack certain modern features that you have grown accustomed to on your bicycle.  The key features missing are multiple gears, the ability to coast and brakes.   Now – don’t get all worked up yet – it’s in a CONTROLLED environment.  We all race on a track, closed to cars, people, dogs, cats or other things.  It’s designed for bicycles – called a velodrome.  Nobody has brakes, so nobody can stop quickly.  That means you wont have somebody in front of you stopping.  The field ebs and flows as we race.  We can control the speed (and obviously stop, or I wouldn’t be typing, I’d be going around in circles) as we ride a fixed gear.  This allows us to “pedal backwards” and slow things down.

Now – after a short lesson in track racing and what not – I have to tell you about Max’s cycling.  He’s gotten better and can literally ride alone.  He can’t so much start without help, but once he is going he can steer, he can correct right and left leans… he does great.  The one skill he lacks completely – brakes.  He doesn’t understand them!  Why?  He’s been riding a fixed gear (tricycle) where he can slow down the way I describe above.

I think my wife would just about skin me alive if I converted his bike to a fixie, but I think he would like it.

Important note: While I like track racing and feel track bicycles are safe in a velodrome, I do not agree with the large segment of the messenger/hipster population that riding on the road – on a fixie – is safe, without brakes.  I do own a road fixie and love it, but it’s got 2 brakes on it!

Cracks me up – my son – on a bicycle – doesn’t know how to use brakes!

Maxwell – the Motivated One

Max, lately, has been a very motivated little guy.  From his insistance on taking swim lessons because he didn’t want to wear his “fwoaties” (floaties) to riding a bike.  He really is on a quest to be “big”.  Well, today we had about 2 hours between soccer and swim lessons – I was on my failing mission to find a babysitter when I decided to go see if Max would fit on Derek’s old bike.  Little did I know, Max had just asked Sarah “When do I get a two wheeler?”  Well – long story short, he’s just about big enough!

After a few hoops jumped through, we mounted up the “stick” and got everything ready.   Max seemed to be pretty comfortable on the bike.   He got nervous going too fast – but rode around and liked it a lot during the day.  Later in the day he wanted to ride again.  I was excited and took him out.  He wanted to try, not try, try, not try… finally – late in the evening – he tried again and did an incredible job!  I mean – I couldn’t believe it.  He LITERALLY rode a bicycle without training wheels, without me holding on, for at least 30 yards SEVERAL TIMES!  I have witnesses that will attest to this!  My hands were in the air (like I just didn’t care… ) but he kept going!  If the road didn’t have a crown – he would have done better, but the lean of the road threw him off a bit!

I’m in awe… He isn’t ready to go riding by himself yet, but he’s doing great!

Max and his Two Wheeler