Race Report

So I haven’t posted one in a while.  Not because I haven’t raced, but because any number of things have gotten in the way.  I enjoy writing them, but at the same time – it doesn’t always work out.

Last night … the weather was threatening.  I wasn’t even sure if it was going to happen.  I had a new set of wheels that Naten had delivered, prep’d and hooked me up with.  I was eager to try them out.  I was excited to race, but the weather – it weighs heavily on me.  In the long run, the temp rose back up to about 85 and at least that in humidity.  It was MOIST!

A lesson in counting…

8 Lap Scratch

In this event, I typically wind the speed up because I hate slow scratch races.  This one, I decided to be smart and play my hand in the field sprint.  I’m still not 110% sure we didn’t ride a 7 lap scratch – but hey – we finished one lap after the bell!  With – what I thought to be three laps to go, Wayne attacked over the top.  Fighting everything in me to chase him, I let others do the work.  Good idea!  We come out of 4 and I see the lap counter say “2”.  Sweet, I like where I am.  I never looked at the lap counter again, it’s typically static for at least the distance of the home straight.  As we pass the bell – it rings?  Time to sprint?  Okay… I got 4th in the sprint.  I was pleased.


I used to utterly and completely hate this event.  As of recent, I’ve had reasonable success.  Not sure how or why, but I’m enjoying it.  Last night was good.  I started off like I do… rolling tempo.  Letting a few “low hanging bits of fruit” get dropped off the back of the field.  Being completely team-less, aggressive and a little outspoken, i’m also noticed.  People do try to drop/pass me here and there.  I enjoy the challenge.  Wayne came through for 2 laps of solid pull.  I was loving that, I got to take a break.  I then had to go back to the front as the mustache men weren’t about to help me.  I knew we had 4 people… but as Wayne was popped … they rang the bell.  Mind you, I had just taken a 2 lap pull.  I was at my redline and I tried to sprint – no gas.  3rd.  Not bad!


I rode the maddy with a new partner.  He’s been off the bike for a bit, it was our first time.  We did OK, we were getting things together at the end.  I think if it had been 40 laps, a few more exchanges, we would have pulled things together a bit.  We missed 3rd by 2 points, won in the final sprint – so that was good.  The last 10 laps were intense and left me REALLY smoked.


I didn’t hurl.  That’s about all I can say.  My game plan fell apart, I fell apart, it sucked.  I finished in the field.  Sometimes that is all you can hope for!

Thanks to Wayne for help in the M-n-O.  Someday all my cylinders will fire on the same night.  One more week of racing before a little break.  Get in some riding, some good training and I’ll be back to finish off August and September.  Maybe we can get a cool dry evening?  NOT!

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