It’s pointless

Well, “It” isn’t pointless – I was last night!

Last week, I raced okay, had fun and placed really well in 3 out of 4 races.  Last night, I’d love to tell you I slayed it, but that was not the truth.


Normally an event I am good at, I got a good start but didn’t have anything once I got to the back straight.  I really can’t explain it other than I probably would have won in Frisco… I just didn’t have the POW to roll 323ish meters super hard.  In a race that lasts under 30 seconds, there’s no time to regroup and get back into things.  Once I realized I was out of the points…. I just finished.  Maybe 5th?

Win and In

I don’t generally like this event much.  Of the 9 events at the track on a weekly basis, it is my last favorite (maybe because I’ve had ZERO success in this event.  Well, the streak of suckdom continued last night.  I made a couple moves that could have worked out.  I was a little opportunistic early – tried to create opportunity late, but in a 15 lap race with sprints every 3 laps – it’s a fast race no doubt.


I am proud of this one.  In previous 8-mile attempts – I have fallen apart with about 6 laps to go.  I’m happy to say when the bell rang with one lap to go I was in a great position to attack for the win.  I did just that…. unfortunately, 5 other guys were still there and they had more gas than I did.  At least I didn’t go down without a fight!  I got hooked pretty hard in the sprint, took a guided tour of the apron but didn’t stack or lose any spokes in my Naten sponsored wheels.  The more impressive thing is I made it through the incident without a single word of profanity.  It could have been the nearly instantaneous apology from the guy who did it?  I don’t know – it worked out alright.

So… a tie for third in the omnium last week… no points this week.  I’m more impressed and happier about my performance this week.  Bike racing is a funny sport like that.  Welp, time to get back on my bike and get to work… as everybody now calls me Commuter Dude – I must commute and I have not done that this week.  Looking forward to the ride!