Stop – no REALLY! STOP

In light of the current situation in my life, I find it necessary to blog about something random and humorous.

I haven’t confessed to this publicly, but on July 4th, on my way to the Peachtree Road Race I ran a red light.  I don’t remember doing it, but the video and photographic evidence is conclusive.  Ooops…

Well, on our way to our final destination this morning, I pulled up to the same light and said to Sarah, “I’ve got my bike rack on there, we can go!” (it blocks my tag).  Well, as I said that,  Cobb County Sheriff rolled by.  We both agreed it was good that I didn’t go.  We are smart at 4:45 am!

We get to the Glenridge Connector and get stuck at a left turn light.  There is a car in front of us. The lights cycle 2-3 times, but we NEVER get a left turn lane.  That sucks, eh?  Well, the car in front of me decides to take matters into his own hands.  He looks both ways and goes.  Listen up here, kids…. CRIME DOESN’T PAY!

Just as the guy takes off, a cop comes up from behind and sees him do it.  The cop makes a high speed left to follow him and nails him for running a red light.  A bit flabbergasted at the situation, I watched as a car pulled up next to me in the left-left turn lane.  Seconds later, the light changed.  I felt bad for the guy, but hey – I’ve done my fair share of supporting “The Man” this year – thanks for taking one for the team!