It was dirty?

I’ve been doing a cool new thing that I am finding refreshing and productive.  I’m getting up early and doing a few things, doing a few chores and then getting on about my way.  Well – yesterday – I decided I needed to do some laundry.  No problem right?  I do it all the time – i’m fairly good at it!  I get clothes clean… lets do it.  I grab up a bunch of “mediums” and start a load.  About 20 minutes later I realize – I cant find my phone.  Only 2 words come to mind.  Oh and shit (very close together, might I add).  Well…. I go pause my front loader, look in the pocket and there it is… dead as a doornail.  SONOFA….

Okay – so i’m trying to not get as worked up about things.  Let’s not get worked up!  Just bite the bullet and order a new one using the insurance you pay for on a monthly basis.  $50 – phone comes home tomorrow.  AWESOME!  Now comes the horror story … I hate that this has to end in a bad story because I have tried so hard to remain calm.

I grabbed an old phone and activated it.  Sarah had used this phone in the past, prior to that it was my sisters.  I tried to use the Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant, which prior to this incident I had nothing but great reviews.  It wont let me log in… hmph…. this isn’t good!

I get to work and see that SOME HOW it has taken all of Sarah’s contacts and assigned them to me.  In addition, the behind the scenes stuff is pointing at Sarah’s phone – while the web says my phone.  DOH!  Import a lot of my contacts (again, trying to remain calm and just deal with the loss – its really a pimple on a flies buttocks here ….).  I hit sync and nothing happens.  You see – Sarah now has all my contacts.  UGH!

I ended up having to kill Sarah’s account, re-import, purge/clean things and finally – rebuilding my own contacts.

Enough to make your head spin!  Well… I’m back on my own (new) phone and have a bunch of my contacts restored.  The are still filtering in and there is a chance my old phone will come back on long enough to get a few off as well.  It is currently baking in the sun here in the #ATL!

All in all – my phone wasn’t dirty – but it’s much cleaner now!