Week Two

Every week – I want to update you on my progress with last week’s ‘challenge’ and declare my new weeks challenge.

Last week – I said I was going to drink more water.  I did VERY well on the water thing on Monday through Thursday.  I was hydrated like a camel and clearing liquid like a fire hydrant.  Good times… Well, Friday – with a modified work schedule due to Maxwell being a bit sick, Saturday at the velodrome and Sunday at home – not so good. This isn’t the end of my quest, it’s just a realistic description of my success and failure.  It happens, we aren’t out of water!  I can succeed!

This Week – The challenge will be to work out – for at LEAST 30 minutes – 5 days a week.  That simply means – if I haven’t ridden, raced, run or something by the time the kids go to bed – I’m going to be on the road w/the bulldog or in the basement with the boxes running for a while.  I’m not focusing on running – but I can not in good faith deny the workout you get is quality.  Some may say – this isn’t an every day thing – but good coaches will tell you that rest is important to your workout routine as is the actual workouts!

Other Comments – I did notice an oddity in my brain cells this week (I only have 2).  By simply focusing on drinking more water, adding ONE positive-health change – I began noticing my brain trying to make right decisions.  When I look at a plate of junk vs. a plate of healthy food, I wanted to eat healthier.  I didn’t always – but I wanted to and did in more occasions that the previous week.


Week 1 – Drink More Water – Partially achieved and ongoing!
Week 2 – Workout at least 5 days a week.

One thing a week!  Rebuilding the man in the mirror.  What are YOU doing this week?