Week Three – what to do?

A couple of quick updates…

The weekend went quite well.  I believe I actually came out about 2 pounds lighter than I went into it!  YES!  I lost about 7 pounds last week which some will say is too much, but I know my body, it won’t continue at that rate.  That was my first week “excitement”.  Now comes the second week slump.  I had ‘grown’ to an embarrassing 245 pounds.  I weighed in this morning at about 238.  Feels good to be doing the right thing again.

On the One-a-Week plan:

o  Drink More Water – EVERY day this week, I drank at least 2 full Nalgeen (32 oz) water.  In many cases, 3 or 4.  Mission accomplished.
o  Work out 5 days:  Rode Monday, twice Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for a total of 151 miles.  (Second longest week of the year).
o  Won a bike race!  A race where weight matters – and I still won!

This week – I am going to give up ‘plate cleaning’.  I can make a ‘happy plate’ myself, but the rule is simple – if it didn’t start on my plate, I aint eating it.  This may not sound significant, but I finish off Max’s dinner a lot of times.  A lot of calories there.  The *ONLY* exception – vegetables.

I know – its really only a week since I have been tracking weight loss but the small added focus on fitness and health has helped me to make smart choices and this doesn’t feel like its the “total overnight change” that you often feel in a diet.  Let’s see if we can keep this train rolling!

Week Two

Every week – I want to update you on my progress with last week’s ‘challenge’ and declare my new weeks challenge.

Last week – I said I was going to drink more water.  I did VERY well on the water thing on Monday through Thursday.  I was hydrated like a camel and clearing liquid like a fire hydrant.  Good times… Well, Friday – with a modified work schedule due to Maxwell being a bit sick, Saturday at the velodrome and Sunday at home – not so good. This isn’t the end of my quest, it’s just a realistic description of my success and failure.  It happens, we aren’t out of water!  I can succeed!

This Week – The challenge will be to work out – for at LEAST 30 minutes – 5 days a week.  That simply means – if I haven’t ridden, raced, run or something by the time the kids go to bed – I’m going to be on the road w/the bulldog or in the basement with the boxes running for a while.  I’m not focusing on running – but I can not in good faith deny the workout you get is quality.  Some may say – this isn’t an every day thing – but good coaches will tell you that rest is important to your workout routine as is the actual workouts!

Other Comments – I did notice an oddity in my brain cells this week (I only have 2).  By simply focusing on drinking more water, adding ONE positive-health change – I began noticing my brain trying to make right decisions.  When I look at a plate of junk vs. a plate of healthy food, I wanted to eat healthier.  I didn’t always – but I wanted to and did in more occasions that the previous week.


Week 1 – Drink More Water – Partially achieved and ongoing!
Week 2 – Workout at least 5 days a week.

One thing a week!  Rebuilding the man in the mirror.  What are YOU doing this week?