First Win of the Season!

Let me start by saying this – when I roll out onto the track – I often through ‘caution’ to the wind.  I make random, seemingly senseless attacks for no apparent reason.  I could be off the back for 3 laps – catch the field and attack without notice.  I never go easy – I rarely use the tactical sense that I could/should.  I could VERY likely get much better results if I used some proper training techniques, focused and raced with 2 ounces of common sense.  That being said … I get a great workout every time I race.  That’s what I am TYPICALLY trying for.  Perhaps all of that feeds into what I am about to tell you…

As you can guess, last night was race night.  It was my least favorite night – especially after 2+ weeks of suspect training.  Chariot, Win-and-In and 8 Mile….

Chariot – This race – by all accounts, was created to make you hurt.  It’s basically a little over a lap, from a standing start, Ready, Set, GO!  If you hit the start right – you go really fast.  If you have 350 meters of power – you win.  If not, you complain that you hate that stupid event.  75% of the races are won on the start.  I know how to start well.  I don’t always time it right, but I know how to start very fast.  If my legs are right, if the time is right, if I get my mental game on – I go fast.  Typically – I fade in turn 3 and falter.  Well – last night I came out of the box like a ‘rat on crack’.  I hit the “GO” perfect and was flying instantly.  I didn’t quickly got the lane and stood up well into turn three.  I was flying.  I was expecting others to come around me but in this glorious 25 ish seconds of pain and suffering, I was able to hold off all takers.  The win was good and I am quite happy.  I realize, it means very little but I do like to win.  I like to race hard and I don’t think I could have gone any harder.  The ironic thing is this paragraph took 8x as long to type as the race took to complete.  It was good to know I will end this season with at least one win. The don’t come often, but when they do – they make me happy.

Win-and-In (The Australian Hat Dance) – I truly hate this event.  I was smoked from Chariot and it showed.  I finished in the field.  Closed a few gaps, but really – I was an integral part of “pack” – the filler.

8-Mile (Not just a place in Detroit) – FAST FAST FAST … I exploded 3 miles in.  Tried to rejoin a few laps later and they were going FASTER.  UGH!  I watched as people quit – realized if I just finished I would get 5th and score a point.  I finished…

Not my best night of racing, but there was a diamond in the ruff.  It may very well have been my last Wednesday of the year.  I may have to turn my focus to Tuesdays as we have some new commitments on Wednesday.

Final note – the way my upper body feels today – I need to do more work on that in the off season!