Dear Weekend Eating, I HATE YOU!

So, it’s been a good week. I’ve ridden over 100 miles, I’ve drank gallons of water, I’ve controlled my eating – but now comes that 2 day period where I lose control of my senses.  I “graze” too much and put on 2/3 of what I lost during the week.  It’s quite frustrating.  It’s also UNBELIEVABLY easy to do.  Food is easier to get, its everywhere!

I’m writing this to hopefully raise my attention to the situation and possibly focus a little bit more on the situation.  I am also saying – out loud – DRINK MORE WATER!  I would take my nalgene home, but I plan on riding on Monday – and dont want to carry it.  I may do that anyway – I can deal.  I’m cool like that.

I’m open to suggestions, tips, ideas, thoughts on how to keep things going better on the weekends.  It’s really hard for me.  I need to get one ride in.  Sarah has a function tomorrow – Church on Sunday morning, so it will be an afternoon adventure which loosely translates to “It’s gonna be a hot one!”  I will probably try to get in the pool a little.  As much as I’m not really into it, in 2-3 weeks when the close that thing down…. hasta la pasta … IT IS GONE!  No lounging around the pool for a long time.

Oh… yeah, we received word Derek’s soccer has moved to a different complex that has a reasonably nice 1/2 mile track around all the fields.  No more bushwacking to run at soccer!  I think I will beg my lovely wife to cover a few Tuesdays, I can take Thursdays (get a few more DLV races in).  On my Thursdays – may try to get some running in?  Who knows, we will see!

Oh… and I need to come up with my new “One-a-Week” item for next week – so … if you really read this far, there are plenty of opportunities for comments!  Get up on it!

One thought on “Dear Weekend Eating, I HATE YOU!”

  1. Scott, have you considered watching your “white” carbs and trying to eliminate them (esp on weekends). The reason I ask is because I’ve been doing this for awhile, and I just don’t get the blood sugar fluctuations as much, and hence way less cravings.

    In spite of being more active than ever before in my life, I’m still struggling with weight, but I feel better after following a lower carby diet. Good Luck!!!

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