The Concrete Jungle

Many of you may remember a few months ago, I was featured on 11 Alive news with Commuter Dude.  In that segment, I pointed out a bad concrete spill and asked Commuter dude to get it fixed.  There were typically three comments that came from people viewing the video:

  1. Wow – I can’t believe you ride to work! (from people in the Atlanta area)
  2. Are people really surprised you ride to work? (from people in Colorado)
  3. Did they fix the concrete yet? (By far, the most popular comment … probably 50% of you asked that!)

In response to number 1 – I enjoy riding to work and wish more people did it.  As one of my cycling advocate friends pointed out, most commuters don’t ride quite as far as I do – but they don’t have the benefit of some of my back roads.  That being said – the Atlanta metropolitan area is really a crappy area to ride and I can understand a lot of people NOT commuting.  That in itself makes me sad.  I feel a certain moral obligation to ride and hopefully someday, through a video clip, seeing me, talking to me or something – I will inspire ONE person to ride to work!

To the folks in Colorado – you guys have it really good.  You would only have to ride around here a few times to make you want to go back home.  I was TRULY spoiled out there.  There are some good, valid reasons less people ride here.  I know lots of people are working on that.

Finally … the concrete.  NO!  It’s not fixed.

The Infamous Concrete
Notice at the arrow – black tire rubber is accumulating on the concrete!

I decided to snap a quick shot of it this morning and you will see, there is actually rubber accumulating on the concrete.  It goes across the white line out into traffic.  It’s a fairly sharp ramp and I’m going to guess if you hit it right in a car with low profile tires you are going to get a flat.

Commuter dude was unable to help as this is a state road, not a county road.  He indicated that if it was Cobb County – he could have had it cleaned up the next day.

I’ve sent 2 complaints via the Georgia Department of Transportation Website.  I am going to set a calendar entry to send a complaint on a weekly basis.  If you have time, send one as well!  Here are the details:

  • At the intersection of Cobb Parkway (US 41) and Atlantic Avenue
  • shows the intersection
  • On the southbound side of Cobb Parkway – on the shoulder

I would personally go clean it up, but it’s a busy road and I don’t want to get squished.  Getting squished would likely hurt really bad!