The Power of “One”

My friend and neighbor posted something today about the temperature.  She said “There was a six in the first digit of the temperature!”  It was exciting to her.  I’ll be honest, it was exciting to me too.  It is finally cooling off a bit here in the ATL.  But how much is it really cooling off?  Yesterday on my way to work it was 70 and that seemed moderate.  Today – 69 seems cool?  It’s a mental thing, I know.  A bizarre and perplexing mental thing we have all been molded into paying attention to for years.  Why do things at the store cost $4.99 instead of $5?  To keep that first digit smaller and make us think it’s cheaper.  All those poor degrees that don’t end in a nine or a zero get shafted.  Poor degrees.

Another place the power of one is very strong is in the world of weight loss.  Going from 238 pounds to 237 pounds is cool and all, but it’s much more exciting going from 240 to 239 – even though you weigh more than 237.  Sometimes I seem to get stuck at the 10 spot.  It sucks.

I’ll be completely honest with you and say I dream of a day I go from 200 to 199.  It’s been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember… perhaps one of the reasons I don’t get there is I don’t embrace the power of one?  Each and ever step in the journey is something that should be  looked upon as the same.  They say “The longest journey begins with a single step”.  Is the first step more important than the last?  Are either of those more important than the ones in the middle?

I suppose – when you look at it – Without the first, the rest would never happen – so we have to show the first step a little extra love.

Wow – this has been philosophical or something.  The strange thing is – I have conversations like this in my brain all the time.  I just decided to let this one spill out!

Clean-up on aisle Scott!