What to do…. what to do?

Let’s recap where we are on my one-a-week shake and bake session.

Week 1 was drink more water.  Didn’t go well – but rallied.  Going much better.

Week 2 was work out at least 5 days a week – all is going VERY well with that.  Actually setting workout records as we speak.  After a busy first 2 weeks of the month, I have rallied to average over 10 miles per day on the month with at least 1 more ride left, probably two.  I worked out 5 times one week, six the next.  Good deal

Week 3 I was supposed to stop plate grazing and eating peoples left overs.  It went “ok”.  I wasn’t perfect, I did it by accident sometimes but I did stop a FEW times when I really wanted to – that was good.

That brings us to Week 4.  Where the rubber meets the road or something like that…  I’m going to start keeping a food journal again.  In addition (because it’s so bloody easy to do) I am going to wear my body bug and compare/contrast my intake/burn and see how we are doing.  I really should have done this LAST week, but was too big of a wimp and didn’t want to commit to it.  I don’t have a smartphone – so all those fancy apps are out.  I just have to remember to log my food.  I’m looking for a txt 2 diary type solution – but most of them are so weak I am better off just txting myself and uploading it later.

Fully committed to my one-a-week plan.  Things are going well, even if I weighed extra this monday.  I can pretty much guarantee it was water weight.  With some pizza and a quesodillia yesterday – I’ve got plenty of salt up in me.  Commuting today will stabilize the system but all in all – I did gain a pound this week.  It’s seemingly fairly common for me… ride long (226 miles in 7 days) and gain weight.  Then about 2-4 days later – lose weight… more than I gained.  I’ll not be alarmed.  This is a JOURNEY – not a destination!

What are YOU going to do THIS week to make YOUR life a more healthy?  TELL ME!  Comment on FB or the blog!  DO IT!