This is a little fruity!

There’s something awesome about a good Saturday morning workout.  A workout with a bunch of people.  You may know them, you may not.  It could be a group run, a bike ride, hike … just about anything.  It’s a great way to start off the weekend.  Today – a 45 mile bike ride was my workout of choice.  (Truth be told – that would probably be my choice EVERY Saturday – but time does not always permit.

Today was nice and steamy here in Georgia.  I’d have to guestimate 75% or better.  One of those days that you just have to keep drinking because you just keep on sweating and sweating and sweating!

The ride went well.  Nothing at all to complain about.  Upon returning to my car, I realized I was not prepared for the drive home.  I didn’t have any drinks or snacks – so I ran into the RaceTrac gas station to solve the problem.  As I walked in I noticed a “Boutique Cooler” with lots of unique, non-gas-stationesque food.  Turkey and cheddar wraps, sandwiches, fruit cups and other stuff.  I spotted a cup of pineapple and grapes and thought “Wow, that looks good!”.  I saw the price, it was $1.99.  I thought “UGH… I could get nearly a pound of grapes for that price!”  I then went on and grabbed a drink and started looking for a snack bar of some sort.  PowerBar, Clif Bar, nutri grain… anything other than a candy bar.  Then I thought to myself – I need to buy the fruit!  Not because I am all rich and stuff, but because I need to support HEALTHY options when they are presented.  It’s so easy to get a cheeseburger and french fries, but it’s not always really easy to get “convenient fruit”.

Now, to add further oddity to the situation, I point out that Sonic has a Banana on it’s menu for $1 and my friend, Phil, just took a photo of a banana in a vending machine!  He was going to take one for the team and buy that banana to see how it tasted!

In the society and culture we live in, eating healthy is not easy. I’m happy to say that I found and option and took it.  I know, one cup of fruit won’t change my life, but one day at a time, one choice at a time – I’m improving my lifestyle and that feels good!