Just didn’t work out

It’s been a long weekend already, mostly in a good way.  Friday – I got off work and met Sarah about half way home.  She took my computer and I took the ‘long way home’ adding about 8 miles to my daily total.  Kinda cool – a little different.  Saturday, I did the Skyloop ride again.  I really like the ride – but the cast of characters can be a little sketchy.  Not much I can’t handle, but at the same time – you see a guy riding a $6000 bicycle and for some stupid reason, you assume they have a clue.  Just not the case.  I finished off that ride with 60 miles on the day and felt pretty worked.  That put me at 208 miles in 6 days which is a lot for an old fat guy with a job too.

I had planned to (and did) take Sunday off.  We went to a fun cookout on Saturday night, hung out with a lot of fun people – it was fun.  They had a pool – the kids had fun – it was good.  We were invited to an Atlanta Beat soccer game on Sunday night.  That was a lot of fun.  I’m still thinking they need to eliminate the goalie or make the goal double the size to make that sport a bit more exciting – but it was fun.  At least skip the overtime – go to penalty shots or something.  90 minutes ending in a tie – kind of anti-climactic or whatever the word is.

That brings us to Monday morning.  I’ve wanted to go up to the “Brewery ride” on a holiday for a long time.  Well – it just didn’t work out.  I ate too much crap food at the soccer game.  I got too tired and didn’t feel good when I went to bed.  My alarm didn’t go off (or I turned it off) and instead of being up in Cartersville – I’m in my bed talking to you.  I’m a little upset with myself about it, but I’m going to go ride in a few minutes.  You see – it’s kinda cool here in the ATL this morning (low 50’s), so I’m waiting for the warm up.

I’m kinda bummed about my excess nibbling at the parties I attended this weekend.  Why do I do that to myself?  I just keep shoving food in my mouth?  I don’t get it.  I dream of being a tall skinny guy that can eat whatever they want – or don’t have the desire to eat extra, just what they need.  Derek is like that.  A plate full of his favorite food and he will stop when he is full.  I think my gas gauge is broken or something.  Unfortunately that just means instead of spilling gas down the side of my car – the sides of my “engine” (aka arse) gets wider.

I guess there’s no crying over last night’s dinner.  I can just get up on Wilson’s sister and go for a couple hour ride.  It will be nice to ride this morning.  I don’t have to get to work on time, I don’t have to chase down some skinny guy on a climb… just put on some music and roll through some cooler air! We’ve got two more cookout to go to today – hopefully I can use those as opportunities to improve my eating behaviour – not further upset myself.

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  1. The battle with food (or liquor) is a tough one. I battle it everyday too. But you recognize that, and that’s half the battle won. Hang in their my friend, you’ll get it under control. I have faith in you.


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