Meet my friend, Spongebob Squarepants

My Friend

Alright, you have to admit, you love that crazy little yellow fellow that lives in a pineapple under a tree?  Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! You have to love him!

My post and this picture have almost nothing to do with Spongebob – more to do with my Spongebob dog tag.  What does a 42 year old man do with a dog tag, you might ask?  Well – the list is a little deeper than just wear it.  If you are even an occasional reader of my blog, you will know that I ride a bicycle a lot.  I ride on the road, trails and basically any place I can navigate on 23mm wide tires without getting stuck.  That – often – puts me in places where not everybody knows my name and/or my wife’s phone number.   I know – you guys all thought that my appearance on the Commuter Dude had me nearly as famous as Ashton, Demi and Kelli Pickler… the simple fact of the matter is that I am just an ordinary average guy with a blog and an addiction to twitter.  God forbid, if something ever happened to me and I were unable to tell somebody who I was and/or who cares about me – I want my family to be reachable.  Spongebob has contact information on the back.

Now – all you guys that have been watching LeTour know that Levi wears a RoadID.  Awesome.  Levi makes more money than I do and gets them free.  These $30 wrist/ankle bands are showing up all over the cycling circuit.  I think that’s great.  People SHOULD have contact info readily available.  That being said – I got Spongebob at Walmart for $7.  The stylized chain cost an additional $2.  I sweat like a water fountain and the chain has not had any issues.  Spongebob’s paint is coming off the back and it may be time to ‘freshen him up’ but for under $10 you have the knowledge you are protected.

Keep them simple – your full name, a couple phone numbers and maybe allergies if you have them.

That’s my tip of the day.   I hope you liked it.  I’m going to go see if they fixed the toilet I broke the other day and then ride home in a while!  I do love a good bike ride!