W2SW & The Busted Bowl

Today, Derek and I headed out at 6:55 and were most victorious in our quest to keep walk to school Wednesday alive!  Much fun.  It was a bit steamy – I learned that I need to change shirts when I get home – I was a bit to the side of moist.

I was glad I did that … a few hours later.  It’s actually currently the highlight of my day.

As with any other morning, I have a bit of a movement about 10:00.  Today was no different.  I scurried off the the men’s room only to find both stalls were taken.  Time to head upstairs – no biggie – good for me right?  I go upstairs and do what I gotta do.  I’m not a reader, I’m not a long sitter…. Pretty much get in, get done, get out.  Well… about 1/2 way through the “get done” part, all of the sudden the toilet DROPS!  One would think I would have pooped myself at this point, but NO!  Quite the contrary – it scared it away!  DONE!  I mean, I’m sitting on a broken bowl!  What do you do?  Well – I finished up and got out off the thing has quickly as possible.  Thankfully nothing broke, but there was about a 3/4″ gap between the bowl and the wall!  Use your Pythagorean Theorem on that and you will find out the front of that bowl dropped about 2.4 miles (or so it felt).

Much like the day I got the “Fat People” catalog with bathroom scales that weigh 500-1000 pounds, I kinda feel fat right now.  Maybe I can start to spin it the OTHER way.  Had I not lost weight, I would have ripped it all the way off!