To my cycling friends – why don’t you commute by bike?

Yesterday, while riding home from work, I had another one of my Jerry McGuire moments.  I have been commenting, pushing, prodding and trying to inspire people to do things like walk to school, walk to the bus stop, do more active things… but I look around at my cycling friends and not that many of them ride to work.  I know some do – and I think that’s cool.  There is something REALLY cool about using your bike for what it was originally designed for (transportation).

So – you know my thoughts on this, you know I think we should all use some form of alternative transportation at least once a week – if you are one of my many cycling oriented friends… Why don’t you ride your bike to work?  I created a little twitter poll to shed some light on this!  There’s an “Other” option that will let you enter your own reason.  I don’t know who posts – so you can write whatever.  You could also comment on my blog and/or facebook!