Augtember comes to a close

Today – very unceremoniously ends my creation – “Augtember”.  It’s a month long (30 day period) from August 16th until September 15th.  With August having early month issues – I got a late start.  Once I started riding, I managed to pool together over 400 miles on the month!  I was sad that I couldn’t shift the months and pool a strong early September – so I pooled the months and made my own.  Augtember!

Here are your geeky statistics:

  • 739.74 miles ridden
  • 8 days not ridden
  • 24.7 mile per day average
  • 33.62 average miles per riding day

I’m excited about that.  I just need to keep it going through September and October.  Maybe not quite that much, but keep it up!  I have some new cables to put on Wilson’s brother – so he will be happy.  A little tune up, a little clean up and we will be ready to ride until the time changes and I have to spend some time on my own two feet!  With 2501 miles ridden this year, and over 20% of them in the last 30 days – it’s no wonder my butt is sore!