Hitting the wall and running away

Friday was a very bizarre day in my life.  Max woke up in the middle of the night.  He couldn’t breathe too good so I decided we should get him checked.  It’s always good when they hook him up and his oxygen level is 100% and you know its not a life threatening issue.  This started about 3:00 in the morning.  I am shocked to say, we had a diagnosis and were back in bed by 5:15 after a trip to the ER.  Wow…

I slept in a little, then it was time to get on with my day.  I took the day off to hang out with Mom, fix my bike up and go for a bike ride.  Clearly that didn’t change everything, but Sarah was sick too – and Derek had a case of the red-ass and needed to get his booty checked.  All is well, a little special sauce and he is back to normal.  Well, I started working on my bike and without going into TOO many details – I sweat too much and have an unbelievable ability to do bad things to bicycles.  My bike ride would be on my backup/spare road bike that hasn’t been looked at in 6 months.

My position was a bit off for this ride, as was my brain cell.  I rode trying to keep up with a previous ride, but just didn’t have it.  Could it be because I was up for 3 hours?  Hm…. well, it was hot and I didn’t remember this loop being THAT hard, but it was THAT hard and then some – especially after I bonked and was basically just in survival mode.  I mean, I wasn’t going to die – but picture being 10+ miles from home with no energy and your whole body hurts…. now get hungry and hot and find hills.  UGH!  It sucked, but I’m really glad I got the ride in.

That ride and my bike issues kind of ended my desire to ride much for the weekend.  I needed a rest anyway.  I didn’t ride Saturday or Sunday but had lots of fun picking apples, watching soccer, movies and football!  Good barbecue too!  Yum!

Monday rolls around and the 11 Alive Wizonator tells me its going to be cloudy and cool all day.  Not wanting to deal with rain and my spare bike, I throw together my bag for a nice lunch run.  Thanks Wizonator… it wasn’t that hot, but the shirt I brought has a HUGE patch on the back.  With the BRIGHT SUN baking the rubber logo to my skin, all I could do was think about that wonderful weather tool that is basically worthless.  Anyway … my last run was July 4th.  It was 6.2 miles in 59:55…. This one was about 3.01 miles in about 32 minutes.  Not ALL that far off the pace – and I CERTAINLY went easier yesterday.  Now – I’m remember why I like and don’t like running.  The funky nipples, the inner leg soreness … good times.  The quickness of a good work out!  That is nice.

I hope to find my cycling motivation again (I think I have already), but I also look forward to some running.  I have a good guy to run with at work.  He’s about my pace and good company.  Looking forward to cross training and having company rather than just commuting and riding the same couple of routes.  I wish I could figure out how to squeeze in some extra commuting – but you know … once the time changes, darkness will not be my friend.

Got some excitement coming on Thursday – which should bring mad motivation! 😉