Another Sh*t Stain

“It was announced that the three-time Tour champion tested positive for clenbuterol in an almost-undetectable microdose of 50 picograms/millilitre, which is apparently 400 times less than the required limit of detection.”

I don’t like Contador.  Never have, never will.  He’s arrogant.  He’s rude.  He’s not a team player.  He’s what people often refer to as a douchebag.  That being said – if I were Spanish – I’d probably think a bit different.  That’s how sports figures are … you like them for whatever reason you want.  You like their style, their appearance, their bike, their attitude… or you don’t – it’s your call.  We can like or dislike… in the big picture, it doesn’t matter.

All that being said … this is a crock of stinking poo that was opened up THIS week for only ONE REASON…. to get press about cycling doping.  The whole cycling world is paying attention – the world championships are going on.  (Funny, all of these announcement happen during big events?  Landis spilled his guts during the Amgen Tour of California.  This happens during the World Championships (even know Contador has known since August).   All about the press).

It is this press that is ripping the sport apart.  Ripping the arms off of it.  Daily, we find out who is going to talk to the Grand Jury in California.  Contador MIGHT have done something wrong…. MAYBE…. or he ate a cow with mad cow disease or something.  The powers that be are saying “We need to investigate more!”  HELLO!  GO INVESTIGATE, get back to me when you know more!  Floyd can tell you it’s going to take 2 years to figure out who won this years tour!  Second place has said “He deserves a chance to defend himself!”  Why not figure it out before we launch the SCUD missiles at Pro Cycling?

THAT being said … Aren’t all of the riders PERSONALLY responsible for EVERYTHING they put in their body?  Meaning – if it was there, and it’s written that it shouldn’t be – it doesn’t matter if the cow took the dope or Alberto did?

Lots of people have lost medals for taking “Over the counter cold medicine they didn’t know contained _________”.

I’m sick of doping stories…