Hey everybody it is MOVEMBER! – Please DONATE TODAY!

Ladies and Gentleman, it is MOVEMBER!  No, I didn’t spell that wrong, it is MOVEMBER!  Much like October is breast cancer awareness month, November has been adobpted by men around the world as MOVEMBER!  Every November, men around the world (if needed) shave off all their facial hair and grow a MO!  MO is Australian for mustache.

I announced that I was going to participate last month, but haven’t said much.  Why?  Well – my facial hair grows slower than Tammy Thomas… which isn’t saying much, but I am no here to represent!  After a full two weeks of growth, I have MO!  I know, you were scared to ask why because it looks SO DARN GOOD, but you have to admit, you have seen this remarkable growth on my face and were really excited about it!  You were so excited that you wanted to head over to http://us.movember.com/mospace/572406/ and donate a little money!

The money goes to the Prostate Cancer Fund, Livestrong and other cancer charities and is tax deductible to the limits of the law (If you give enough to not get the deduction, you have done VERY well!).

I know… you are saying “Scott looks SO GOOD with is fu-man-chu” and let me tell you, it FELLS GOOD!  You too can feel good about my MO by simply making a small donation!  This is YOUR chance to celebrate MOVEMBER!