Truly inspirational!

As many of my three fans may have noticed, I have been oddly absent from the ‘blogosphere’.  I just haven’t been compelled to type this much.  I’ve had some GREAT topics, but none have as much potential long term impact on my life as something I stumbled across today.

Hello, my name is Scott and I am condiment freak.  I love them.  Sauces, ketchup, horseradish … they all enhance the natural flavor of something.  That being said – the king of the condiments, Ketchup, can be a bit cumbersome when you are trying to get a pile deep enough for dipping.  Those little 9 gram packets are flimsy, don’t open well and are hard to manage (especially while driving!)  A special middle note (in the middle of the paragraph) – more people have car accidents because they are eating or consuming a beverage will driving than do while talking on the phone or texting.  We have laws against texting but our cars come with cup holders.  Things that make you go hm….  Anyway, back to the Ketchup!

Introducing the ‘Dip & Squeeze’!  I picked up this marvel of modern culinary engineering at Chick Fil A this morning and was flabbergasted by the many features packed into one small vessel of condiment delight!

First – you have to notice the dual purpose design.  You can DIP or you can SQUEEZE!  (Go figure, right?)  You can peal the whole foil thing off and dip a nugget or a fry – or you can rip the strip off the end and squeeze the the Ketchup out.  Setting aside the dual functionality, the squeezability of this device is by far the most exciting thing to come next to a Chicken Biscuit since the somebody decided chicken and biscuits would be a good combination!  As you gently apply pressure to this little bundle of love, the Ketchup flows out in a smooth, controllable bead – laying it on your food much like a master plumber fills the void between your sink and your vanity top.  Not too much – that would be ugly.  Not to little – it would leak.  Just right… fully controllable.  No excess!  If you need to put the Dip & Squeeze down, you can!  Much like the fat bottomed girls that make the rockin world go round, this wide bottom is ready for anything!

The Dip & Squeeze proudly points out that this 27g reservoir of tomato  is three times larger than the conventional packet of Ketchup.  This constitutes a major time savings for the family of four.  having the dip option readily available also helps to keep the table and/or trays clean.  Simply remarkable the value added to the eating experience by a well designed apparatus.

Iam hoping that Heinz finds this blog, realizes how great an idea this was and gives the inventor of this device a huge bundle of accolades, for he (or she) has changed the face of fast food condiments!  I would proudly wear a Dip & Squeeze T-shirt in public, speaking the wonders of the engineering marvel if I were presented with such a garment!  Incredible!