Should I be mad? Should I complain?

So – today was the Georgia Ride to the Capital.  I had a great time, but there are a few things bugging me.  I was told, at the Capital, that I should blog more – so … you know how you are, you inspired me, at least today.  Nice to see you and  your daughter!  I’ll see what I can do when she gets you running for Governor!

So here is the skinny … a local bike shop (who may remain nameless, or may not) chapped my bottom.  Allow me to explain.  First of all, the website said we will be leaving at 10:00 am and we will ride at 16 mph average pace. I got to where I was going to park at 9:35 and had 10.5 miles to get there.  I did everything I could to get there on time – but alas – I’m old, fat and slow… averaging 22 mph on a few gentle hills aint happening.  I arrived at 10:05 and they said “Welcome!  We are starting at 10:30.”  Hmph… well, whatever – I’ve never been to this shop before.  Let’s see what they have … okay, nice shop, typical LBS with a lust for high end road bikes.  I mingle about for a few minutes, it’s time to go.  NOPE … not yet… one of the rider leaders (that works at the shop, or owns it, not 100% sure) gets a flat.  Fixed quickly – and we get our pre-ride instructions where he clearly states we will average 12 mph. Alright – there are a few recreational dudes … its all about solidarity today – I’m okay with this.


10:00 = 10:30
16 mph = 12 mph (truth be told, it was 13.5 going down, 12.3 coming back)

SO ANYWAY… about 5 miles from the shop I hear a DINK… that would be a spoke breaking.  Great… so I figure, hey, they hosted the ride – I’ll let the wrench fix it, so I can ride home and not have to worry about working on my bike.  Busy week, no work on my bike would make me happy!

Well… the mechanic generally seemed to know what he was doing.  I dont like other people working on my ride, but I’m being patient.  As the ride leaders mingle about … he is talking to other customer… but its alright, not a big deal.  *BAM*  Sounds like a GUNSHOT in the store.  That would be my rear tire.  I’ve done it before, will do it again – didn’t seat my tire properly and blew the snot out of the tube.  Put an new one in, no questions asked.  All SEEMED well.  Gave me a good price on it – thanks – I do appreciate that.   I’m happy at this point…

I see an Giro test saddle on the wall.  Those that don’t know, these are just Giro saddles you can test ride for the price of the saddle, so technically – what I am about to describe is possible.  When you “test ride it”, they charge you for the price of the saddle, if you dont bring it back, they don’t refund it.  I 1/2 jokingly said “Could I buy a test ride saddle?”  You see – they are the exact same ugly orange that my bike is.  The owner/leader guy graciously said “Not at this time.”  I took that as – its spring, he wants to hold onto them… then the mechanic says “I’ll sell you one for 110% of MSRP.”  Yeah, sure dude – I’ll pay another $18 for an orange saddle?!?!  I was really kind of taken back on this … what is his point?  Why did he say/do that?  Hmph….

Then the kicker that has me all twisted around my axle… on the way home I look down to see what gear I am in as I seem to be climbing a mountain on the Silver Comet.  I notice that slim didn’t bother to put my cassette on right.  My 12 (which I probably use 4 times a year) is on all caddywompus.  This is about a 2 minute fix for me, but I just paid a guy to do some work and he screwed it up.

So my questions for you, my adoring fans (or bored people reading my blog):

  1. Should I be mad/upset?
  2. Should I complain?  (I would likely just email – I dont want anything back, really…)
  3. Would you go back to that shop?
  4. Should identify them?

2 thoughts on “Should I be mad? Should I complain?”

  1. 1. Yes, but upset, but not like “go tear up the place upset.” You did pay for service after all.

    2. Yes, complain. It may have just been a simple oversight that never happens. Or he could be sending every bike out the door with mistakes that could get somebody hurt.

    3. Probably not. If it was a shop I was used to going to and this was a rare thing, I’d go back. But if it’s the first time, then it’s the last time… at least for repair work. Parts or clothes, it really doesn’t matter.

    4. Also yes. But, include whatever response you get to your complaint. Mistakes always happen and a business shouldn’t be judged solely on that. They should be judged on how they respond. So if the response is awesome, then people should know that if they go to shop A and something is wrong, it will be made right — so that’s a good place to shop. If the response is a big F-you, then they should know to avoid it.

  2. Hey, it was good seeing you too. Glad you took my advice!

    If the shop is one of your closest shops I’d give them another try, see if they can redeem themselves. If not, it may not be worth it.

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