It’s not what I didn’t do

All I could think of – after my ride on Saturday was “I didn’t make it to 800 miles this month.”  Well you know what – I’m about 94.3% okay with that!  Deep down in my inner core, there is a midget kicking me saying “you should have ridden 21 more miles”.  What would that have bought me?  I would still have to pay full price at Starbucks.  Nobody would have come out of the woodwork and given me a professional commuters pass that allowed me freedom to ride on any road without any traffic.  I’d still have to get my panniers replaced (because I broke another set).  I would still have to go to work today, tomorrow and every other day I am supposed to.  So far I am failing to find the significant advantage to having gone back out and riding another 21 miles. So what DID I do in April?  I rode my bike a lot.  779 miles … give or take a couple.  I rode for over 45 hours of my life.  I lost 13 pounds.  I ate more fruit in a month than I think I ever have before.  Sure – if that number were 800 – it might look bigger than it is … but to all but a few of my friends, it’s a really big accomplishment.  To me – it’s a big accomplishment!  It is my second highest month ever!  My first highest month – I took 10 days off to race and go to a training camp!  I enjoyed 90% of those miles.  If you do that math – 4 hours I didn’t really enjoy … what’s 4.5 hours in a month for 40 enjoyable hours?  I’ll take it!

The purpose of this post is for me to (further) admit and realize I’m a geek and that I obsess about odd stuff. Rather than worrying about what I didn’t do – realize I did a heck of a lot and had a lot of fun!  May might not beat April but hey, who needs to beat it!  Just keep eating right, riding my bike, running now and then…. I’ll get lighter, faster, funner!  I’ll take those three over some self imposed statistical trivia!

Thanks for listening – I know – I’m not all together right!