Hook, line and sinker!

So – a rough night at the DLV but I came home with a smile on my face.

5 Lap Scratch

The best thing I can say about this race is that I didn’t finish last.


I’m getting better and better at this race.  I rode really smart until there were 5 riders left on the track.  Two good riders opened a gap … baited me into a hole… I took the bait and just like that, I was gone.  Eh… not upset about 5th, 10 riders sat down before me!

Points Race

Forget the first 10 laps of this race – look at the last 20 and I just rode about the best race of the year.  Unfortunately, I am .2 miles short on the event.  I didn’t have my go-jo for the first 10 laps and boy did I suffer.  It was truly miserable – but I some how rallied and finished strong.  I was the only rider 1 lap down – but there were others down more than one!  That made me feel pretty good….

I must love this silly sport.  To try so hard – have a bad night and still smile so much because of the fun I had – it must be love.

There is always next week!