New PR!

Well, I knew this day would come soon – but I didn’t think it would be today!  About 2 years ago, I hit 218 and change, and then screwed it up.  Last week I left obesity behind at 220 and was worried I would go backwards and have to say I was obese again.  Didn’t work out that way!  215.2 – I have not weighed this much since the early 90s!  I’d have to guess… 1993?  Not sure – but it’s a record.

Now – I’m 15.2 from Onderland.  I must stay on my game and get there!  My current 212.8 goal will be a success – but only a stepping stone.  I will feel good – but it won’t be anything like seeing a 1 in the first digit on the scale!  The thing is – it’s not a driving force in my life – its a fact in my life and that is why I think I am successful in this.  I’m not obsessing, I’m not fighting … I’m doing!  I wont lie … the June plateau was rough – but I tried to put history behind me and ride on the faith that if I keep doing the right thing – the right things would happen!  Well – they did!

Logic tells me I could be under 200 by Memorial day – but I’m just going to work on it and not analyze the numbers TOO much… (you all know I am lying, right?)