Oops I did it again!

On September 11, 2009 I posted a blog post declaring that I was an overweight American.  I was very excited to get down to a record low of 218.4 or something like that.  About a week later I weighed 220 something, and it went up from there.

Today – I have rejoined the world of the overweight!  I am officially a fatty, not and obese dude.  I’m happy about that, but not content.  I want to be a healthy weight, but I’m not terribly convinced BMI will help me set my final weight.  I just don’t know that with my muscles it will apply.  It’s hard to say.  My next intermediate goal is currently set at 212.8 (7.2 pounds away).  It was based on 5% of 225.  When I get there, I will decide what the next intermediate goal is. Being 12.8 pounds from Onderland – it may very well be Onderland.  It’s coming!

I have a fairly significant ride in my sights… the Six Gap Century.  It is about 3 months from here.  20 pounds, 3 months… can I start the Six Gap in Onderland?  I am 100% sure I will like it a lot more if I do!

I want to take a minute to thank everybody who has liked, commented, supported, called, texted or commented.  I don’t do well with the compliments – but I do really appreciate them and they help me more than I can tell you!