Back in action

So, for a while I retired from blogging, but I’m back.  This isn’t some sort of triumphant return – far from it.  There is no victory – just I missed it and it’s free and it helps me clear my mind.

In April, I decided to get my fat tail feather in action and try to get back to some healthy habits and get the workout routine jump started.  I decided to do this by attempting to workout every day.  I do not think any human being should set this goal.  As you know, I have done it a few times and I think it is stupid – but at the same time it is effective in forming a habit of working out.  It proves to you that in the end, you have the time and you can do it.  Great…. i’m tired.  Will I do it again, surely.  Somebody should smack me – but that would just make me grumpy, so please don’t.

The year in review....

This little graphic shows exactly what I have done – without my ‘rest days’ which were, in no particular order:

  • 5 hours of yard work
  • 3 hours of yard work
  • Walks of up to 3.5 miles
  • Housework – not just feather dusting – insane-o cleaning/moving
  • Kickball

As you can see, I truly hit it hard in April.  Even if you double any other month or combine any two, you can’t touch April.  I’m proud of this but I think my body is in some sort of funk-a-dump.  It’s not losing weight, its holding onto everything.  I’ve been logging all of my activity and which I really like.  They didn’t used to have a droid app (bastards) but now they do (friends).  They have a nice social interface and through the powers of modern technology everytime I step on my bedroom scale, my facebook gets updated with my weight.  I’ve COMMITTED to stepping on it daily … so those of you who want to have ammunition to use against me, I’ve given you a canon!

Anyway – I ran 95 miles in April, rode a bunch too, had much fun.  Now it’s time to get smart and focus more on eating and working out towards a goal.  There is even a glimmer of p90x insanity in my eye.  Still haven’t completely decided on that.

Until next time… Hasta la compastidor.