Confessions of a Fatlete – maybe you have felt this way?

So far this year has been “ok”.  I’ve tried – things have gone well, not always, but generally pretty good.  I set a goal.  I met the goal (completing the half marathon).  I’ve run faster than I have before.  I’ve hopped on a bicycle and found that I still now how to ride.  I’m very on-track to complete my mile-a-day goal… no problems there.  But the “wall” has been hit.

For many athletes (and I speak from my experience being around elite athletes, Olympians, world champions etc…)  when they get sick, it is really traumatic.  Not so much the physical effects of the sickness, but the mental.  It’s tough because they know their competition is training while they are resting and trying to get un-sick.  Often times they come back too soon and get sicker – which sucks even more.  I feel great compassion for them as I know they have dedicated so much time and effort to their success.  It happens to all of them.

The funny thing is that when a ‘fatlete’ (fat athlete) get sicks, the fear and anxiety is pretty substantial.  I’m sitting here in bed, with bronchitis, feeling like crap – but I’m more worried about how fast I will be able to run 5 miles on Sunday and/or if I will still be able to keep up with Nate on July 4th.  Am I losing all of my endurance?  Will I be able to ride with Tim in 2 weeks?  UGH – this sucks.

Skinny people who haven’t struggled with weight issues may be saying “dude, get real”, but for some of us – this is a life long battle that isn’t easy … EVER!  Even if I came out of April slower than I went into it – I developed a SOLID habit.  Habit is everything in the workout arena.  If you are in the habit of doing 1-2 hours of exercise a day, you have time.  If you fall off the wagon, suddenly you fill that gap with work, internet surfing, eating, planning to eat or making excuse for why you didn’t work out.  THIS is what I fear the most.  I fear this so much so that I am pondering taking my dog for a 5 miles walk so I don’t ‘lose my fitness’.  (Keep in mind, I cough walking up stairs right now).  Ugh… it’s just not SANE!

I’m really just trying to get this out of my head so I can calm myself down.  Realistically – this may be my body saying “dude, you must rest a bit” and resetting my clock.  I just hope the BODY gets the rest and the mind doesn’t suffer or crack  and I start eating bon-bons and biscuits.  I do know that there is something that feels really good about a great workout a week or so after you are sick… when the pipes clear out and you start firing on all cylinders.  I’m going to pin my hopes on that.

In the mean time, i’m trying to eat light…. avoid running to the refrigerator to medicate my frustration – THAT won’t help anything.  I’m not really sure anything here made any sense – I am sure it’s probably a little to the left side of odd…. Thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fatlete – maybe you have felt this way?”

  1. stay strong scott, i understand you’re frustration. honestly the most important thing is to be the best ‘healer’ you can be. focus on taking your vitamins, eating foods that will heal your body and doing everything right. rest like it’s a competitive sport. when you do that you’ll come out faster and stronger.

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