Lance Armstrong vs. Ice Cube Trays

In all honesty, I just put Lance in the subject to get more hits on my soon to be critically acclaimed blog.  I really wont say much about him.  I believe Lance won on a level playing field.  If you think Lance was the first and/or last tour winner to dope – well, somebody will sell you the brooklyn bridge!

Back to our regularly scheduled blogsanity….

My life has gone through a lot of changes in the past month.  I believe all of them are for the long term good, but the changes have forced me to do some things I haven’t done in a VERY LONG TIME.  One of which is making ice.  My kids have NEVER made ice.  They don’t know how.  They probably don’t even remember opening the freezer to get ice out.  They believe ice comes from the door of the freezer.  They believe that its okay for ice to land on the floor and leave it there to form a sock wetting little puddle that makes you wonder…. Was that left over ice? or Minnie?

In my new crib my freezer doesn’t have an ice maker.  If you were like me, you grew up with ice cube trays in your freezer.  You twisted them and put the ice in the big ole thing that came with the freezer.  Right?  Well I’m here to tell you, in 2012 – it’s not the same.  First and foremost – today’s Walmart employees don’t even know what “ice cube trays” are.  You ask them and they send you all over the store.  Finally, when you ask a few more employees one might say ‘Oh, you mean ice trays?’  Sure, that’s what I meant.  Then, he might lead you to a package of 3 flimsy trays that say “Ice Cube Trays” (even though he told you they were “Ice Trays”.  Oh the fun of the ghetto Walmart!

Now, they may be flimsy, but these are TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED ice trays.  How, you ask?  Allow me to explain.  When you get them, they are all stacked tightly.  Total height 1″?  When you open them up and alternate them, they stack allowing you to store them in your freezer.  The first two times I did ice cube maintenance, I didn’t see the technology… I just tried stacking them and when the next tray splashed in the tray below I said “d’oh” and switched it.  NEVER AGAIN! Last night, I realized on each end there is a SQUARE or a CIRCLE!  You can visually identify which way it’s supposed to go.  I may never meet the person who did this, but today – I am grateful for this miracle of modern ice making!

Having delivered countless pounds of ice around the Washington DC metropolitan area in my youth, I feel especially qualified to discuss this subject.  Perhaps that is why I don’t mind doing my ice cube maintenance?  Honestly, I’m really grateful for where I am today and what I have.  To have enough time and a sense of humor enough to write about ice and have fun doing it!  Thanks for reading!