Blogging – it runs in my family…

I’ve come to believe that, in my family, there isn’t much difference between now and 50 years ago.  Before my Grandma passed away, she found a box of letters she and my Grandfather had written over many years.  These letters dated back at least 60 if not more years!   She compiled them into a three ring notebook.  She gave all the members of our family a copy.  When I got it, I thumbed through it and thought “Oh, cool” and put it back into my closet.

The other day, I came across it and started reading.  What was I holding? but a BLOG, just without the electronic part – or the web part.  The letters, some 5-8 pages long, sent to many people (typed with CARBON PAPER) and distributed.  I have found reading some of them to be very entertaining and enlightening as my Grandfather spoke about teaching my dad and uncles lessons.  The challenges were very much the same I experience daily.  I am going to go out on a limb and say each and every one of my paternal aunts and uncles probably have a story in there they don’t want told! 🙂

I learned a lot about the weekend my Mom met my Grandparents.  Sounds like a fun one!  It’s not a party until a car is upside down … and it’s not your car!

I’ve not posted much, for a lot of reasons but I’ve also come to the conclusion (again) that I do enjoy blogging and I think I am going to start sharing more here.  I hope you have a great weekend!