OtterBox Defender vs. Trident Kraken AMS

As you may know, I am a long time fan of the OtterBox line of cases.  I am not a gentle person, but I like fancy toys.  Dropping a $200+ phone – sucks.  It sucks a lot more than purchasing a $50 case.  I can tell you, I have dropped my phone numerous times without issue.  I’ve also experienced INCREDIBLE service from OtterBox.

I really cant say enough about my Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx Defender Series Case.

That being said – I recently decide to try another case.  Why, you might ask?  Another company has some great ideas – and I thought I would give them a shot!

I ordered a Trident Kraken AMS case.  This case has some really cool features that caught my eye.  They included:

  • A kickstand for easy watching of movies or setting the phone on it’s side
  • It comes in colors other than black.
  • The AMS system which allows you to use a windshield mount, a bike mount and other attachments.

I can tell you I was genuinely excited to get this.  I really wanted to use the Windshield Mount for my newly created VLOG career.  The case looked durable enough, similar technology to OtterBox – let’s give it a go!

I have to say, I was disappointed when the case arrived.  First, they use the rubbery stuff for the case, but it’s on the inside.  The “exoskeleton” as they call it leaves the phone smooth and slippery.  I enjoy the gription from my OtterBox.  The AMS system is VERY well designed and switching from the kickstand to the windshield mount was easy enough. I also thought it was cool that I could access my SD card, but then I said “Wait, why do I need/want to do that?”  Anyway, at this point – the excitement was starting to fade a bit and well, I wasn’t really into the case.  I stuck it on the window thing and put it on a window – all was good, I liked that – but then the deal breaker.  I tried to plug my phone in and I couldn’t!  The “gap” isn’t big enough to fit a standard USB cord and/or any other charger I could find. I’m sad to say, the honeymoon ended quickly and the OtterBox was re-installed.

I think Trident has a great product, but it’s just not refined and/or doesn’t meet my needs.  I’ve got an idea/plan to make a windshield mount for my OtterBox – maybe I will blog about that one!  I don’t have the money to do fancy drop tests, but using both of my brain cells, I have to think either would protect your phone about the same way.  Your mileage may vary, but for me, the OtterBox is better designed and just feels better – and continues to be my choice.

One thought on “OtterBox Defender vs. Trident Kraken AMS”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the review!
    My experience with the Trident Aegis (Razr Maxx) case shows, that numerous taking out and putting back is bad for the silicone. the silicone gets loose and the plastic brakes at the loops.

    I now have the Kraken, It pries open completely, when falls from table height.

    It is more convenient to put it in pant’s pockets because it has plastic on the outside, not silicone.

    My next case for the Razr will be Otterbox Commuter

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