Random Ingress Observation

Since I'm not stupid enough to believe Google isn't getting SOMETHING out of #ingress, I have to question something that may be politically incorrect… but well, that's how I roll.

As I've traversed the earth hacking, deploying, and attacking portals, I've run out of #XM  numerous times.  I've needed to reload.  I zoom out and find places rich in XM.  I navigate to them and I have to say …MANY of these XM hotbeds are in the HOOD!  I found one house with bullet holes in the door and about 1000 XM right there.  Right outside my neighborhood there are 2 pretty obvious drug dealer houses and they have a TON of XM.

Is this google's way of checking to see if people with androids will risk their lives to get imaginary power against an imaginary enemy?

#resistance  is kicking ass in Marietta…. but are we all going to get shot?


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6 thoughts on “Random Ingress Observation”

  1. I've found very similar situations here near Charlotte. I'm really curious how they determine the locations of XM. I've been thinking that it was based off of pre-existing Android phone locations. (which may explain the drug dealer spots)


  2. I wonder if Google is using this to sample wireless access points.  They could be putting this "XM" in areas that need a good scan.

    I don't play the game, or have any interest in it.

  3. As far as I have seen, XM is around the portals. There aren't enough players yet where XM is outside of a two minute walk here. The only limiting factor for me is XMP bombs. You can gather XM without a data connection, but you can't hack portals. I am limited to the portals inside or near buildings with Wi-Fi.

  4. Maybe the game tends to put "goodies" in places where people don't usually go -or the "goodies" have been tapped more often in the places they DO go.

    Good point that they are probably using data gathered by devices playing this game, as well as doing every other thing people do with phones (everything) to enrich their data-collection empire.

    I wouldn't doubt that they would incentivize data-collection activities for areas where they are more data-starved.   That's just smart business sense.

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