Random Ingress Observation

Since I'm not stupid enough to believe Google isn't getting SOMETHING out of #ingress, I have to question something that may be politically incorrect… but well, that's how I roll.

As I've traversed the earth hacking, deploying, and attacking portals, I've run out of #XM  numerous times.  I've needed to reload.  I zoom out and find places rich in XM.  I navigate to them and I have to say …MANY of these XM hotbeds are in the HOOD!  I found one house with bullet holes in the door and about 1000 XM right there.  Right outside my neighborhood there are 2 pretty obvious drug dealer houses and they have a TON of XM.

Is this google's way of checking to see if people with androids will risk their lives to get imaginary power against an imaginary enemy?

#resistance  is kicking ass in Marietta…. but are we all going to get shot?


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