It's over! It's only just begun!

I am grateful 2012 is over. I look back on the year and I have some things to be grateful for, but that being said – there are some things I'm really having a hard time finding a lot of gratitude for. I know – an attitude of gratitude will certainly help me be happy – but some of this stuff isn't fun and isn't on the list of things people want to do. That's okay. I'm not sitting around fighting it – i'm working on accepting and finishing them off.

Last year dealt me cards I wasn't prepared to deal with. In that, I did everything I've done in the past to deal with them and that has helped me gain back some weight… which of course, taxes my self esteem. I'm actively working on the mental, and spiritual aspects of this – but i'm using today to turn a few things around. I know… I've turned around time after time after time. You know what, THAT IS OKAY! It's only when I QUIT turning around that I have lost! Even the teams with no hopes of making the playoffs showed up this past weekend and fought it out. Some of them even won.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Today – I will do what I can to make the journey go down the right road. I've packed my lunch, I've woken up early and done my Bible study… I am going to log the food I eat through the day. Yes, I'm taking positive steps! It's not about 2013 being a better year – it's about making today a better day. If I keep one foot in the past and one foot in the future, I'm probably going to pee on today. That's just not good! Making each day a new beginning allows me to experience all God has in store for me! In the past, I got very excited about diet kick offs… I don't think I'm excited today. I think I'm pleased that yesterday went well – I have opportunity today!

Thanks for reading! I do appreciate your support through comments, +1, txt messages, calls or any other methods! Let me know if I can help you too!


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One thought on “It's over! It's only just begun!”

  1. Logging everything you eat is one of the best things you can do. Sounds like your focusing on one thing at a time which is kick ass; most people fail at the "resolutions" because they try to change the whole year at once rather than the one day at a time approach you're taking. Kill it in 2013!

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