Investment in ME

I wanted a new Nexus 7 tablet, I wanted this, I wanted that – but I decide to do something for me.  I now have a long term membership at LA Fitness.  I'm not sure LA Fitness is the best, greatest, awesomest, wonderfullest gym in the whole world, but it's clean, new, I got a descent deal and it is the CLOSEST gym to my office.  

I'm very excited to have this close to the office.  I had my best fitness when I had a gym in my office.  This will help me a lot!  It's 2 miles from my office (good for a run over, do some strength training and run back) or 8 miles from home (bike over?)

Let's do this!


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2 thoughts on “Investment in ME”

  1. Mine is literally two blocks from my house, and there are at least three other locations that I can use with ease depending on how my schedule is that day. I pay for the convenience. I also use it, so there's that.

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